Alligator Hunting

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We Gladly Cater to Families looking for an adventure, Corporate groups, Trophy Hunters, Batchelor Parties, Honeymooners, and all Adrenaline Junkies! Hunting Alligators is for EVERYONE!!

Trophy Alligator Hunting is a thrill second to none that everyone needs to experience. You don't have to be a big-time hunter or fisherman to enjoy the excitement of chasing a true Dinosaur!  All you need is a little bit of adrenaline in your veins and we'll set it on fire! 

We take great pride in offering a top notch experience with safety as our number one priority.  The power these animals posses is not something to take lightly and we have never had so much as a close call.  Our mission is to provide an experience that our clients will never forget and our testimonials will tell you that we haven't missed yet. Hunting a Trophy Gator is the rush of a lifetime. 

We love nothing more than watching our clients have the time of their lives while playing tug of war with Swamp Lizards weighing an average of 500lbs! There is nothing to compare it to! Hunting your very own Gator is an absolute blast!                                                                                                                          

Our 2009 gator hunting season ended with a 10'1 average,  2010 brought a 10'3 average including a 12'3 MONSTER that took 3rd place in the season-long, statewide Big Gator Shootout. 2011 was no different, with 36 gators over 10' and a 12'4 giant that won the Florida Sportsman 1st annual Gator Tournament, 2012 had a 10'2 average, 2013 was 10'3, 2014 is on tap to be the best yet!  That's five years averaging over 10 foot per alligator, take a look at our photos, they don't lie. 

We flat out love putting our clients on BIG GATORS and do what it takes to get the job done. Capt. Kevin Brotz is licensed by the US Coast Guard and loves to share his passion for the outdoors. Living only minutes from the rivers and lakes where our hunts take place, Capt. Kevin is constantly scouting to stay on top of the Big Boys. As a proud member of Mossy Oak's Pro Staff and being featured in numerous outdoor publications every year such as Florida Sportsman, Coastal Angler Magazine, Wide Open Spaces, etc.. we are held to a higher standard and wouldn't have it any other way.. 

There are a number of ways to Hunt Gators and we will customize your hunt to meet your expectations. Whether you want to stalk a Big Boy with a Bow, stick one with a Snatch Hook, or Run and Gun with a Harpoon, we'll do what it takes to put a smile on your face that even your momma couldn't wipe off!

NO NEED TO BE A ZOMBIE!! Everyone has heard the horror stories about their cousin who spent all night gator hunting with nothing so show for it other than a new found addiction to Red Bull.  We refuse to do that to our clients unless they are looking for an 'All Night Experience'.  Most of our clients harvest their Gator(s)  within a 4 hour time frame. This is the benefit of Capt. Kevin spending so much time on the water, he knows when and where these beasts are going to be. 

Evening Alligator Hunts  Why not watch the sunset while hooked up to a Monster Gator? Our times are flexible to accommodate your schedule. 

Morning Alligator Hunts  What better way to start the day than a battle with a beast?

**We transport your Gator(s) to the processor and taxidermist so you don't have to. The Taxidermist is 10 minutes from where we hunt and they have a Great Show Room so you can view all your options and make the most of your trophy.  Looking for Leather? Tanning your gator provides beautiful Garment Grade Leather for boots, purses, wallets, belts...and more!  

**Bring your hunt home with you. We can film your hunt with a professional Canon GL2 video camera and burn it to DVD for you to share with family and friends. Video is available for $150 and well worth it!

All in all, the time frame for our hunts is no different than a late dinner or an early morning fishing trip.  If you have a specific time you want to be on or off the water we will gladly accommodate the timing of your trip to meet your needs.  Capt. Kevin lives for this and will do what it takes to guide you on a hunt of a lifetime!!

Gator tags are extremely limited.  With the dramatic increase in popularity due to Swamp People and other TV shows, we are booking faster than ever and run out of tags every year.   Please do not wait to call and book your hunt. 407-542-7840

Our Goal is to provide an experience that you will remember and talk about for the rest of your life. Please do not hesitate to call 407-542-7840 or email us at with any questions.

Hunt Locations

We hunt all across Florida with properties in the Panhandle, Central Florida, and South Central Florida. No matter where your vacation brings you, your Trophy Gator Hunt is never far away.

Gator Hunting Rates:

  We guide our gator hunts on numerous properties across the state where landowners rely on us to prevent over population and protect their livestock.  Hunters may choose to use a rifle, bow, crossbow, pistol, or most any other legal means to hunt and harvest their gator. With the adrenaline on high, we'll make your Gator hunt an adventure to remember.   

        4' - 6'       $800         Sport Hunt - Fun for Everyone!   all ages allasdflkj   ThT 

        7' - 9'     $1,500         Trophy Hunt -  Wallets, Boots, Belts? Bring home a purse for the wife.

       9' - 12'    $3,000         Swamp Monster - Battle with a Beast!  Feel power like you've never imagined... 700lbs of Man Eating Muscle!


Hogs Hunting Rates:       $175  - No Trophy Fees!! Wild Boars are an absolute blast to hunt. Bring the family for a ride on the swamp buggy and help us keep these bad boys in check. Whether you want to  Spot and Stalk with a bow, rifle, pistol, cruise in the Swamp Buggy, or run'm down with our dogs and take'm with a knife or spear, adrenaline will be flowing!!

Swamp Slam-  Add a hog hunt to any 6'-9' or 9'-12' Gator hunt for $150. Now Thats a Deal!



Looking for a hunt of a lifetime on Florida Public waters?

 We offer hunts during the Public Alligator season (Aug 15th- Nov 1st)

Mossy Back:  These hunts are guaranteed opportunity and we haven't missed yet. We gladly provide the tag(s) and will have you tied up to a gator in no time.  The State allocates a select amount of tags per region making them extremely limited, please do not wait to book your hunt.  

$1,250 for 1 gator up to 8' with an additional $200 per additional foot in length
*Additional trips are $600


Swamp Monster:  Any Gator is a trophy to be remembered but at the end of the day there is nothing like tangling with a true Swamp Monster. We provide the tag for this hunt and GUARANTEE one Gator over 9 feet long. This is an absolute hunt of a lifetime. This hunt takes place during the public hunt and is 100% WILD!!  How can we guarantee a gator over 9 feet on public water?...because we flat out get it done! We only offer a few of these hunts every year to ensure our client's success,...once they are gone they are gone!  

Gators over 9 feet long are entirely different animals and the excitement that comes with tangling with one is a rush you'll never forget. 

$3,000  *This hunt is for 1 hunter and 1 guest,  a third seat is available for an extra $150.
*$500 deposit is required upfront to reserve your hunt.  


Charter Hunt:  We provide our services to many hunters who have their own tags but don't want the expense of having to buy all the necessary gear and spend countless hours on the water trying to figure it out on their own.  We conduct these hunts just like all of our hunts, you step on the boat and everything else is taken care of. We provide the gear, gas, boat, etc.. the only thing you need to bring are the tags.  Most of our clients fill both their tags in one trip with our focus on guiding you to the biggest Gators possible.  These hunts are guaranteed opportunity.  $800  *Additional trips are $600

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If you are not satisfied with your experience, you won't owe us a penny!  Do not wait to book this trip!
*If we have tags available, additional Gators may be harvested at a discounted rate.
Please call for details.

*If a State Record Gator is harvested, the record will be recorded under Captain Kevin Brotz who also reserves the right to keep the gator. 
If this were to happen, another hunt would be offered to the clients.


Book yourself or a loved one the hunt of a lifetime!

Gift certificates now available for our
Extreme Gator Hunts!!

Please remember that TAGS ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED!


We will gladly put together a package that suits your needs.  We guarantee amazing memories and great stories that will last forever!


It's time to Get Outdoors and Get Bit!